Our “Love and Care” logo represents a close, caring and protective circle (the heart represents ‘love’ and ‘care’) around the baby/child which helps to protect them from illness.
Labinic: Natural. Active. Safe.
The strengths of Labinic include:

  • The unique choice of triple strain bacteria.
  • A higher proportion of Bifidobacteria as occurs in healthy gut.
  • High quality GMP manufacturing.
  • Long shelf life and stability of live bacteria.
  • Stable at room temperature.
  • Labinic contains no allergens (not even trace amounts) and no sweeteners, colourants or preservatives.
  • No animal products or derivatives, and suitable for a vegan diet.
  • The bio-flora are suspended in a coconut-derived medium chain triglyceride oil.
  • Recyclable packaging: glass bottle and cardboard/paper packaging; the lid is PP, the anti-tamper seal is PE-HD and the dropper insert is PE-LD; all are recyclable plastics.