What is Critical Care?

Critical care is the specialized medical treatment provided to individuals who are seriously ill or injured and require intensive monitoring and treatment. Think of it as a dedicated team of medical superheroes working tirelessly to save lives.

Anaesthesia Explained

The definition of general anaesthesia is a state of controlled unconsciousness. An anaesthetist will administer various medicines, including an anaesthetic, to put a patient to sleep so that surgery can be performed without feeling pain or discomfort or having any memory of the surgery.

There are various types of anaesthesia, such as local anaesthesia, in which only a part of the body is numbed, and the patient is still awake. General anaesthesia is administered by inhaling the medicine through a mask or injection.

Once the surgery is completed, the anaesthetist will discontinue administering general anaesthesia drugs and wake the patient. The patient should have no memory of the procedure and should be pain-free due to pain medication administered before wake-up. Once the anaesthetist is satisfied that the patient’s condition is stable, the patient is returned to the ward.


Our general anaesthesia drugs, such halothane, isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane, are manufactured internationally by Piramal Enterprises, a top global healthcare company in anaesthesia. Safeline’s anaesthetic products are packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles and offer clients significant cost savings, making healthcare more affordable for all patients in South Africa.

Product Description

1 ml Cleviprex® emulsion for injection contains 0,5 mg clevidipine.

One vial of 50 mL of emulsion contains 25 mg of clevidipine.

Reg. No. 57/7.1.3/0265

Product Description

Each 250 ml bottle of TORRANE TM contains 250 ml desflurane.

Pack: 250 ml amber glass bottle (PVC coated).

Reg. No. 43/2.1/0392

Product Description

SOJOURN™ contains 250 ml Sevoflurane with no additives added.

Pack: 250 ml amber glass bottle.

Reg. No. 41/2.1/0098

Product Description

ISOFOR inhalation anaesthetic contains isoflurane (1-chloro-2,2,2-trifluoro-ethyl difluoromethyl ether).

Pack: 100 ml and 250 ml bottle.

Reg. No. 28/2.1/0165

Product Description

Each 10 ml vial contains sodium selenite pentahydrate equivalent to 500 μg of selenium

List of excipients:

  • Sodium chloride
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Purified water

Product Description

Selesyn® 100 peroral contains: 0,333 mg sodium selenite pentahydrate corresponding to 100 μg selenium.

Each 2 mL oral solution contains 0,31 mmol Sodium.

Selesyn® 100 peroral belongs to a group of mineral supplements and provides a
nutritional source of selenium.

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