Continued Medical Education

In line with international policies, the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) requires that each Healthcare Professional commits to lifelong learning in the form of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) or CME (Continued Medical Education).

CME assists Healthcare Professionals in gaining new levels of knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes by attending medical lectures, conferences and engaging in other forms of education to ensure that he/she stays up to date on the newest developments in medicine since he/she has graduated. Each Healthcare Professional is required to obtain a minimum number of CPD credits each year to retain his/her registration with the HPCSA and to continue to practice medicine.

The knowledge acquired during CME activities is imperative for each Healthcare Professional as it maintains and enhances the professional practice of medicine, as well as being beneficial to the patient in ensuring that he/she receives the best care by a knowledgeable practitioner.

SAFELINE PHARMACEUTICALS proudly supports our local Healthcare Industry in this important endeavour by hosting several Continued Medical Education (CME) lectures around the country each year. Safeline also exhibits and supports various continuing medical education conferences that provide important CME education to healthcare practitioners such as Paediatricians, Anaesthesiologists, clinical pharmacists as well as NICU and theatre nurses.
For more information regarding CME education activities presented by SAFELINE PHARMACEUTICALS, please view our “Events” link or contact our offices.

For more information regarding CPD requirements by the HPCSA, please visit the HPCSA website.

Local multicentre CME’s arranged over the past five years / international keynote speakers hosted in SA

March 2019

Prof. Luc Zimmermann (The Netherlands) – JHB, PTA, CT

March 2018

Prof. Ramanathan (USA) – JHB, PTA, BFN

March 2017

Prof. Christian Speer (Germany) – JHB, PTA, DBN, CT

July 2016

Dr. David Sweet (UK) – JHB, PTA

September 2015

Dr. Daniele De Luca (France) – JHB, PTA, CT