At 1pm on the 24th April 2019, after a two week-long battle with pre-eclampsia and a four-day hospital admission, Dimpho’s mom Constance was rushed into theatre for an emergency caesarian section at 34 weeks.

In South Africa, approximately 80 000 babies are born prematurely per year, this is an alarmingly high number and so many lives are affected.

Thanks to the phenomenal treatment from the doctors and nurses tasked with her care, along with life-saving medication, Dimpho and so many others just like her go on to develop fully and flourish into the amazing little people they are.

Dimpho was born weighing only 1670 g. This little fighter spent the first 3 weeks of her life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit focusing on growing so she could go home to her family.

Today, Dimpho’s mom says she is a healthy 6-month-old baby, weighing a very healthy 6.5 kg’s. She is a happy little girl who loves to laugh! She has an older sister whom she absolutely adores and looks more alike every day.

We wish Dimpho and her family many years of happiness with lots of smiles and laughter along the way.